Westwood Community Band Title

Contact Information

If you have questions about the band or simply would like to get in touch with us please contact:

President Duncan Hasker president@westwoodcommunityband.ca

Musical Director Cheryl Ferguson

Vice President Rick Sellwood

Secretary Doug Gibb

Treasurer David Patrick

Past President Michael Westwell

If you are interested in our band's performances or would like to inquire about having Westwood perform at an event please contact:

Gigs Greg Baratt gigs@westwoodcommunityband.ca

Gigs Ray Vance

Librarian Jim Snell

Assistant Librarian Dave Kennedy

Social Craig Hanley

Social Audrey Mutter

If you have questions or suggestions about this website please contact:

Webmaster Garret Rempel (204-230-4751) webmaster@westwoodcommunityband.ca